Staying Humble In a Noisy World

Honestly, I have no idea where I’m going with this. I guess this will be a self reflection post…

I used to pride myself in my humility… Which is kind of a strange sentence, but it’s true. I liked being the “humble guy.”

Then I got into business and marketing. I was told I needed to be more confident, to sell myself, to create an online presence. It’s a noisy world out there and I did what I could to stand out.

It was a challenge for me though. The concept of selling myself was hard. Growing up I was the person who had done martial arts since the age of 6, but was just “okay” at it. I was the freshmen wrestler who was on the varsity team, but I was just a “slightly above average” at it.

So, I practiced. I practiced talking about my accomplishments. I practiced acting confident. I practiced so much I started to believe the hype!

I AM A BAD ASS! (well, maybe not so much)

I was starting to become arrogant. I realized it after a call with my auntie. I played our talk back in my mind and I sounded arrogant… like your “typical millennial” who couldn’t take advice. I sounded bratty.

So, it’s back to practicing again. Practicing the balancing act between confidence & arrogance and finding my humility again.

Thinking back on it, being humble offered many advantages. For one, it’s what attracted my beautiful wife to me! But putting my marketing mind to work, there were actually a LOT of benefits!

Word of Mouth (WOM) — In many ways, being humble generated WOM for me. I didn’t have to promote my “skills.” My friends, knowing that I wouldn’t brag on my own, gladly promoted my skills for me. Whenever I tried to be modest, they wouldn’t let me. They wanted people to know how great I was at “x” or “y.”

Exceed Expectations — I have always felt action was far more important than words. There’s a great quote… Something like working hard in silence and letting your success make the noise. The BEST thing about working in silence? Not sure how this related to exceeding expectations, but I typed it and I’m leaving it lol (end side bar)

When you are humble, you make it easier to exceed expectations. People are generally pleasantly surprised that you are better than you said you were. AND this is a good thing. People like to be surprised (in a good way), it makes things interesting. It makes your story shareable…

Create Trust — All in all being humble created trust. Being able to trust somebody is a BIG thing. Trust is hard to come by. It is a hard thing to create and it is easily broken. Once you create trust, treat it with care.

Looking back, I wrote this in the wrong order and maybe chose the wrong title. Maybe it should have been titled “Using Humility To Standout In A Noisy World” because I think I found the formula…

Humble Confidence + Exceed Expectations + Create Trust = WOM

I have to say, it’s fun starting with a title and seeing where it takes you. Not sure if you learned anything. Heck, I don’t know if I learned anything. But it was fun. Let’s do this again sometime.

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Staying Humble In a Noisy World

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